Farming Made Easier

We specialze in farm development. Should you have an undeveloped or underdeveloped farm, we can plan, develop, plant, spray, harvest and even manage it for you, using rented implements and sometimes our operators. Due to the nature of our work and the areas we work in, it is often not feasible or cost effective to transport equipment across country borders. No project is too big or too small. Projects range from 2ha to well over 10000ha. We have developed farms and thereafter managed them for an agreed period of time, on behalf of the owners or investors.

What You See

The Approach

The process starts by means of a personal sitdown. Here we discuss your specific needs, do’s and don’ts and the infrastructure. Now we can plan according to your plans.

It is very important for us to visit the farm or site so that we know what is attainable and what not, and under no circumstances do we accept a contract without a personal site inspection. 

Planning is crucial.
Communication is crucial.

We farm in the most rural of areas

Additionally we determine the costing for you. Although we work with your equipment and operators we enjoy larger contracts that last longer than 6 months, in order to bring in highly skilled operators that we trust and have worked with before. We have, at all times, well informed people on site to supervise operations.





We farm in the most rural of areas

Costs vary from area to area, country to country, dependant on the availability of equipment as well as a few other factors.

Every project is unique. We therefore cost according to your unique situation and need. Projects can typically range from $1 000.00 to $40 000.00/ha

Nature Conservation

All developments are done according to the applicable laws and regulations. Our aim is to develop your farm into its maximum potential, whilst still taking nature into concideration,We therefore take care to not remove scarce indigenous plants and under no circumstances do we develop riverbeds, swamps, estuaries etc. We work around it.

Have we burnt our fingers?

Yes we have, mainly because people are not up front about what they can and cannot afford.

To us it is very important to have that trust, and to know beforehand what the available budget is.

   Tel. +233 558 336 220

     Afrifarm Development

   Tel. +233 558 336 220

     Afrifarm Development